The Swedish Heritage Center is open!
Tuesdays & Thursdays 10:00 – 2:00
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Saturday mornings from 9:00 – noon or by appointment!

Call 402-380-9744 or
402-685-5652 to arrange for a tour.

Just a reminder that each 1st Sunday of the month, we hold a “Sunday brunch” from 11:00 – 1:00 at the Heritage Center. Free will donation. The menu varies each month. Stop by for Sunday lunch!

We need to “raise the roof” fundraiser


30+ years ago, our current roof was installed by many generous donors.  With the latest wind storm in April, it became very evident that our roof was at the end of its 30 year life and the shingles were giving way, possibly allowing moisture to come through and damage the inside of the building.  We couldn’t wait until there was damage and we have to re-paint the ceiling of the upstairs display areas and possibly have damage to our many treasures families have donated and shared with all of us.

So, it was time to make the step to secure a new roof.  It was a “sooner than later” project, with really no choice but to go ahead.  There were two layers of shingles that had to come off, and possibly some sheeting.  It’s a huge project, but we had no choice.  With the recent tornadoes in our area, we had to purchase the shingles right away or wait for the supply and demand, which could be a long time to wait.

We are very blessed to have gotten the necessary shingles.  a crew of roofers have them already installed on the roof !!!

Now we have to pay for them!  We are looking at a $30,000 price tag.

Many of you are monthly donors, through your gifts and by supporting us through our Sunday Brunches.  You have been so faithful in your financial giving.  But we have to ask you, now, if you would consider a generous gift to help pay for this huge project.  If you are able, you could contact us, either at 402-380-9744 or through our email address:  swedishheritagecenter@gmail.comRemember that we are a 501c(3) and qualifies for charitable tax donations.

Our board thanks you for standing behind us in this project.  There is a banner outside the building along the highway, showing a thermometer of our progress toward making our goal.

TAK SA MYCKT   !!!!!

Raise the Roof
Raise the roof shingles
Raise the Roof Roof

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History of the Swedish Heritage Center

In 1985, the First Covenant Church closed it’s doors, and the building stood empty for several years. With it’s beautiful architecture and stained glass windows, something had to be done to protect it. A group of community members formed a board and decided to transform the building into a museum — the Swedish Heritage Center.

On June 1, 1989, the revisions were finished and we opened the doors to the public. A curator was hired, Mrs. Elsie Sebberson, who greeted guests in her Swedish outfit and welcomed them in Swedish, and always had the coffee on. Sadly, Elsie left us after ten years and the museum was virtually closed. There wasn’t anyone stepping up to keep the museum open and presentable, until an Oakland native came to visit his relatives in Oakland and got a key to look at the place. It was love at first site! Tom Wallerstedt decided that he was moving back to his hometown of Oakland, and he was going to do what needed to be done to revitalize the building and exhibits.

In 2015, a grant was written to the Nielsen Foundation to help pay for remodeling the basement, from top to bottom. The kitchen was completely redone, as well as both handicapped bathrooms. In 2022, another grant was written (and granted) to replace the outside material covering the stained glass windows. Our local Friends of Oakland Foundation (FOOF) has awarded us grants including air conditioning, irrigation system, lower level replacement windows, Sankta Lucia costumes, outside marquee, projector, screen and scanner and other important equipment. Our Oakland Lions Club paid for part of the Viking ship landscaping. The City of Oakland Keno funds paid for replacing the sidewalks, while our Oakland-Craig School’s Intro to Skilled Trades class planned the entire job, including bidding and installing the concrete. Families have given memorial gifts of a granite garden bench, two flag poles, china cabinets, dining room table and chairs, not to mention beautiful crystal, table linens, pots & pans and various kitchen equipment, and the list goes on.

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